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Dr Kasza Barbara

Doctor Barbara KASZA, dentist

Doctor Barbara Kasza graduated in University of Szeged in 2016. She joined Helvetic Clinics in 2017 for further improvements and to get her degree in specialization of prosthtics. Barbara is fluent in English.

After graduation I worked in both, private and state medical clinics for 1,5 years. My areas were periodontics, operative dentistry, prosthodontics and basic surgery. Since I started working my aim is to satisfy all my patients’ requests and to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. I pay attention to my patients and try and reduce their pain during all procedures. I am interested in prosthetics and surgery too.


  • periodontal treatments
  • esthetic fillings, inlays
  • root canal treatments
  • extractions
  • fix and removable prosthetics

Early experiences

  • 2016 Villányi Dent Dental Center
  • 2017 State Clinic Érd
  • 2017 Helvetic Clinics

Conferences and course participations

  • 2012, 2013, 2014 Perspectives in Paro-implantology Conference, Szeged, Hungary
  • 2015. Dr. Paul Gerlóczy: Veneer preparation aspects in anterior region
  • 2015. Dr. Paul Gerlóczy: Direct restoration in anterior region




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