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Dr Peter Marton STEINHOF

Doctor Peter Marton STEINHOF, Orthodontics

Doctor Steinhof graduated from Semmelweis University in 2006. Upon his graduation, he practised as a dentist while pursuing his specialisation and he graduated in Orthodontics in 2009. From 2007 until 2011, Dr Steinhof worked for the Madental Dental Clinic, where he travelled between Dublin (Ireland) and Budapest accompanying and treating Irish patients on behalf of the clinic. Dr Steinhof has now his own practice and he treats our patients on request. His specialties are soft power devices, Damon technique, and invisible lingual orthodontics.

My specialty

  • Self-closing, soft-power devices operating Damon technology, Innovation, Technology
  • Lingual invisible orthodontics: Incognito, technology, engineering, ETC.
  • Clear Align, Alph @ Ligne-engineering,
  • Facial harmony analysis, Andrews diagnostics

Previous experience

  • 2004 Albert Ludwig University Freiburg (Freiburg, Germany)
  • 2006 Dental Degree in Budapest Semmelweis University
  • 2009 Semmelweis University Clinic of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • 2007-2011 MadentaIreland (Dublin, Ireland)
  • 2011 MadentaDental Ltd. Leading Orthodontics specialist
  • Since 2011 at Helvetic Clinics as an Orthodontics specialist

Congress participations

  • Damon advanced users of technology from the perspective of Roma DamonSymposium
  • STB, ALightLinqal technology
  • Incognito courses
  • Paul V. Toth courses
  • OrthoWeekend
  • OrthoWeekend
  • Modern orthodontics: quality and efficiency. Sampermans I.-II.-II.-IV.
  • The Bruxism diagnosis and therapeutic options
  • Harmony of the face and jaw joint relationship with braces, Munich. Prof. Lawrence F. Andrews




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