Helvetic Dental Clinics Abroad 12 Revay ut. Budapest


Dr. Younes Beghdadi was graduated in 2018 from Szeged University. He joined the Helvetic Clinics team in 2018 and is specialized in esthetic fillings as well as the preparation of prosthetic work.

My Speciality

The specialities in which i am the most interested are prosthetic; and operative dentistry. Due to my artistic side, my mainstay are the direct aesthetic composite restaurations. In my opinion a good sense of humour could be a healing factor and reducing stress at the same time, adapted to the patients mood of course, but precision and determination first and foremost. I speak fluent French and i also speak English.

  • Aesthetic direct fillings
  • Endodontics (Root canal treatments)
  • Prostetics

Previous experience

  • 2016 Dental student program and competition by 3M
  • 2017 Dental aesthetic competition by GC (Universty of Szeged)
  • 2017 Presentation in the scientific community of students in Hungary
  • 2017 Scientific scholarship in „New National Excellence Program”
  • 2018 Graduation from University of Szeged
  • 2018 Helvetic Clinics

Congress Participations

  • Perspectives in Periodontology ,( 2014,-15;16;17)
  • Budabond Congress, Budapest, 2016
  • Dental World, Budapest, 2017