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Helvetic Dental Clinic Portugal

Portugal and the city of Porto are only a two hour flight from London, they offer a range of advantages for dental tourism.

Dental Clinic Helvetic Clinics Porto.

Helvetic Clinics is planning to open a new clinic in the center of Porto. The new Helvetic dental clinic will feature, just like Helvetic Clinics Budapest, brand new equipment at the cutting edge of technology that will make this clinic Portugal’s best in terms of quality dental care.

Helvetic Clinics Porto, an excellent location to complement your dental trip

Helvetic Clinicis will be located in the center of the old town of Porto and very close to the metro station. The climate and beauty of this city, combined with unbeatable prices for shopping and dining out, make this a dream destination for dental care. Enjoy tasting famous Porto wines and the grilled fish by the port to make this your dream destination all year round.




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