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Doctor Peter LUKACS, Prosthetic Dentistry

Doctor Peter Lukacs graduated from Semmelweis University in 2005. He was a lecturer at the department of prosthetic dentistry between 2005-2007and started his own practice during this period. Since 2008, he has specialised in conservatory dentistry and prosthetics. He puts great emphasis on aesthetic restoration and functional rehabilitation and it is Peter’s task to prepare the complicated prosthetics. All special and complex works are analyzed by a computerized temporomandibular program (Arcus Digma II) and the protheses are performed on the basis of this data. He regularly attends professional training. Peter is fluent in English and German.

My specialty

My main area of ​​expertise is taking care of your smile: complex aesthetic restoration and functional rehabilitation using computerized occlusal (TMI) preceded by analysis with Arcus Digma II. I speak English and German.

  • Prothesis
  • Complex dentures
  • Smile design
  • Optimum and invisible fillings
  • Manage digital bite correction and joint analysis
  • Dental treatments

Previous experience

  • 2005 Dental Degree in Budapest Semmelweis University
  • 2005-2007 Prosthodontics Clinic of Semmelweis University Instructor Doctor
  • 2005 Own private practice
  • 2007-2011 Kreative Dental clinic Hungary
  • In 2007 at Kreativ Dental clinic Hungary, as Periodontist
  • Since 2009 at Helvetic Clinics


Congress and courses participations

  • In 2005, Aesthetic restorations for anterior and posterior teeth
  • 2005 The Association of Hungarian Dental Association, The Hungarian Association of Implantology. Hungarian Society of Periodontology. Congress
  • 2006 Hungarian Dental Association (MFE) Árkövy Annual Meeting
  • 2008 shoulder preparation practical and theoretical education and metal-free crowns, Dr. Paul Gerlóczy, Budapest
  • 2009 Modern techniques in dentistry
  • 2009 Lumineers course
  • 2009 The first International Central and Eastern Europe expert “Competence in Esthetic Dental Excellence “seminar
  • 2010 Competence in Esthetic Dental Excellence Seminar aesthetic II
  • 2010 Arcus Digma II Course 2 * 3 day Dr Ulrich Wegmann Herbert Thiel
  • 2011 Arcus Digma II course is 7 days, Dr Ulrich Wegmann Herbert Thiel
  • 2011 Smylist smile course designer Dr. Mary Star
  • 2012 Astra Tech Symposium – participation as a lecturer
  • 2012 Perspectives on periodontology

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