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At Helvetic Clinics, we make every effort to ensure that your dental travel to Hungary is as pleasant as possible. We know that our continued focus on every detail makes the difference, as our constant efforts to satisfy you and offer you the best affordable dental care is appreciated:

  • Our laboratory is an independent laboratory in the same building as the clinic. Your restorations are made in the best laboratory in Hungary, and probably in Europe. Read more

  • The quality of our team. You are likely to be seen by several specialists as may be required for your treatment. An implantologist, a periodontist, a specialist in reconstructive dental surgery, a maxillo-facial surgeon, or an orthodontist. Read more
  • The most modern equipment from the world leaders of medical technology with ISO 9001 certification, for your safety. Read more
  • unique building, specially rebuilt, for grouping under one roof, our clinic Helvetic Clinics Budapest, our laboratory Artifex and a brand new hotel 12 Révay Hotel, for your comfort. Read more
  • We offer the most extensive and comprehensive guarantee for your dental treatment, better than any other dentist or dental clinic in Budapest and even Hungary. Read more

Do you need more proof?

The figures speak for themselves:

  • 80% of patients who have had an initial consultation with us, in addition to initial consultations at other dental clinics in Budapest end up choosing Helvetic Clinics
  • One out of three patients email us to thank us after going back home
  • One out of two patients come on the recommendation of a parent, a relative or a friend who has previously received dental care at our clinics
  • 90% of the patients who come for a free initial consultation decide to start their treatment immediately.
  • 99.99 % satisfaction, our patients are our best Ambassadors. See for yourself what is being said about us on the web! Read more

Phone_number_Helvetic_ClinicsThis is because our dentists in Hungary do not feel stressed to sell.

Instead, they take the time to explain the most relevant treatment plan for you, and then ensure it is successfully accomplished.

Belonging to a Swiss group allows our teams to get away from the daily pressures of turnover.

Dental Clinic and Hotel

Under One Roof in
the heart of Budapest

Dental Treatment in Hungary

7,000 Happy Patients Annually
from 32 Different Countries

And those members of our teams who have previous experiences from work at other dental clinics in Budapest (more oriented towards mass dental tourism), have provided us with insights and reconfirmed our conviction that to stand apart and take the time to offer our patients the best treatment possible, is always the right option.

Why are we different?

Helvetic Clinics QualityBecause we know that you are our best ambassador, and rather than investing heavily in marketing and advertising at Helvetic Clinics we prefer to focus on you.

On your care and on the service that we offer.

Regarding the sales side, we rely heavily on word of mouth and, for that, we trust you.

Do not go on a risky adventure-trip abroad for your dental care!

By trusting Helvetic Clinics for your dental treatment, you opt for the best possible organization for your dental travel, and be assured that you will receive the best care possible with access to the very best dentist specialists.

Each in their domain of expertise of modern dentistry, performing in one of the very best dental clinics in Budapest / Hungary.

Our patients are our best ambassadors, check out what they say on the web: Helvetic Clinics!

Global Quality Standards

ISO 9001 – Treatment Abroad –
Global Clinic Rating (GCR)

Over 20,000 Dental Implants

Installed at Our Dental Clinic
Helvetic Clinics in Hungary.

Helvetic Clinics, dental clinic Budapest, certified ISO 9001.