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More and more English and Irish citizens take the step each year to have their dental care abroad at a lower cost, and tens of thousands of patients have placed their trust in the Helvetic Clinics dental clinic in Hungary. By choosing Helvetic Clinics for your dental care, you are choosing to be treated by exceptional practitioners, following proven protocols and in a unique environment.


In summary:
  1. Dental care abroad our quality standards
  2. Dental care abroad qualification of our dentists
  3. Dental care in Hungary reputation of our clinic
  4. Guarantees on our dental care carried out abroad
  5. Dental care abroad understand and be understood
  6. Duration of dental care
  7. Accommodation in Budapest, a unique concept from Clinique Hotel
  8. The dental prosthesis laboratory
  9. Tourism between your dental care
Dental care abroad our quality standards
Helvetic Clinics Budapest
When you wish to carry out dental treatment abroad, you should check the quality of the materials used, compliance with hygiene standards, the origin of the materials and the guarantees given by the dental clinic you are going to choose.

At Helvetic Clinics, Dental implants, anesthetics, ceramics, artificial bone, sutures, our dentists regularly question all the materials used for your dental care. Our philosophy is not to be pioneers and “test” the latest solutions at all costs, but to evaluate the moment when they become reliable, long-lasting and above all risk-free.
To do this, it is in Switzerland that the committee meets every 18 months to make decisions to replace or substitute one product with another, in order to ensure rapid, reliable and above all exceptional quality dental care.

Our clinic is one of the few to be ISO 9001 certified, you can also consult the different certifications and awards obtained by Helvetic Clinics in Hungary.

Dental care abroad qualification of our dentists
Helvetic Clinics Hungary
By choosing Helvetic Clinics in Hungary for your dental care abroad, you are choosing a dental clinic where you can receive a wide range of treatments, carried out by specialist and highly qualified dentists in Hungary. Our implantologists will not fit you with veneers and our dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry will not fit you with dental implants either. At Helvetic clinics Hungary, our dentists all hold a doctorate in dental surgery and have extensive experience in their field of expertise.
Dental care in Hungary reputation of our clinic
Helvetic Clinics Hungary
For your dental care abroad, who better than the patients themselves can advise you in the choice of your dental clinic. You can get an idea of the current level of quality of our clinic by consulting recent and authentic reviews posted on Google, trustpilot, or Kelclinic. Better yet, no other clinic has so many patients who wanted to testify on video, watch what they say about us and their reviews on video !

Guarantees on our dental care carried out abroad
Helvetic Clinics, our guarantees

Whatever the dental care, it is always possible that unforeseen events arise some time after the treatment is carried out. No other dental clinic in Europe gives guarantees equivalent to those offered by Helvetic Clinics in Budapest. These guarantees include not only the repair and restoration work carried out by our dentists but also your plane ticket (up to €180) and accommodation in one of our partner hotels during your stay. Consult our guarantees on dental treatments abroad.

Dental care abroad understand and be understood by interpreters in your language

During your treatment abroad, the most basic thing is to understand the care offered, and to make yourself understood by dentists. Some of our practitioners speak French, but you will also be constantly accompanied from your first free dental consultation until the end of your dental care by a team of French-speaking coordinators. Whatever your question, a team of 10 coordinators will always be at your disposal to answer it in your native language.

Dental Clinic and Hotel

Under One Roof in
the heart of Budapest

Dental Treatment in Hungary

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from 32 Different Countries

For the comfort of the patient and the dentist, duration of dental care.

In our dental clinic in Budapest Helvetic Clinics dental clinic in Hungary, for your comfort, the duration of your dental care will not exceed two hours in a row. It is therefore essential that you are seated as comfortably as possible: a relaxed patient will also allow their dentist to be relaxed and to carry out work with more precision and more quickly.

By providing our dentists in Hungary with the best equipment available on the market, Helvetic Clinics allows all our medical staff to provide maximum care, in a minimum of time, and above all in the best possible conditions.

Accommodation in Budapest, a unique concept of Clinique Hotel
Helvetic Clinics Hungary
For your convenience, Helvetic Clinics and 12 Revay (Twelve Revay) are in the same building. Located in the heart of Budapest, 200 meters from the Opera. Modern, practical, extremely well located, you will only have to go down for your dental care or wait in the lobby or at the bar and go back up to rest in your room after your care without having to go out. One of the best value for money for this type of hotel, located in this location.

The dental prosthesis laboratory
In the same building in Budapest
For dental care performed abroad, speed and proximity to the dental laboratory is essential, with patient-doctor-prosthetist communication being the key to obtaining magnificent results for our patients. When designing the clinic in Hungary, our architects in Budapest worked in close collaboration with Artifex architects to design an ultra-modern, high-performance building to maximize the work of the clinic and laboratory.

Tourism between your dental treatments
Visit Budapest the capital of Hungary
Between your dental treatments, the tourist dimension is also what makes a dental trip to Budapest so charming. Take advantage between 2 appointments with your dentist to visit the capital of Hungary, because Budapest is definitely worth the detour. It is one of the most beautiful European capitals because of its thousand-year-old history, its culture, and its architecture. The Helvetic Clinics dental clinic is ideally located, you can visit on foot the main must-see monuments such as Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the chain bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd), the incredible Hungarian parliament located a stone’s throw from the clinic.

To relax between your treatments, you should also know that the Hungarian capital is also renowned throughout the world for its thermal baths.

Global Quality Standards

ISO 9001 – Treatment Abroad –
Global Clinic Rating (GCR)

Over 20,000 Dental Implants

Installed at Our Dental Clinic
Helvetic Clinics in Hungary.

Dental care abroad, don’t go on an adventure! At Helvetic Clinics, our constant concern is to offer you the best dental care at the best price, but never at the expense of quality.