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Doctor Gabor BERKEI, Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Gábor Berkei graduated in 2012 at Semmelweis University. Since then he has completed Conservative Dentistry, Dental Prosthetics and Periodontology specializations. Currently he is participating in extended dental prosthesis specialist training. He specializes in implant prosthetics, implant placement, bone replacement and the treatment of periodontal diseases. Since 2018 he has also been working in a clinical-university research program about gum formation around implants and he has been a co-author of several scientific articles.

My Specialities:

I always try to plan for the long term and take several professional aspects into account. It is important for me to keep the final aesthetic and functional goals in mind during surgical phases. That is why, in addition to the conservative dentistry and dental prosthetics specialization, I also completed the periodontology specialization training.
The aesthetics of the teeth and the proper chewing function are really important for me. I also find the health of gums and bone particularly relevant.
I have been working at Helvetic Clinics since 2015 as a dentist, and I have been fulfilling a managing position at the clinic since 2019.

  • Complex dentures, full mouth rehabilitations
  • Arcus Digma measurements, temporo-mandibular joint treatments
  • Implantation
  • Sinus lifting, bone replacement
  • PRF treatment
  • Complex periodontal treatments, regeneration, pocket surgeries
  • Gum surgeries

Previous experience:

  • 2012-2014: Graduated dentist at Semmelweis University in Budapest
  • 2015- : Dentist at Helvetic Clinics

Congress and Course Participations:

  • 2013, Italy, Pisa, Style Italiano Master Course
  • 2014, Japán, Tokió, Tokuyama Master Course
  • 2016, Budapest, Semmelweis University, graduated as conservative dentistry and prosthodontics specialist
  • 2017, Budapest, Joseph Choukroun, PRF seminar
  • 2018, Brazília, Curitiba, ILAPEO University, Immediate Loading, Advanced Surgery Intensive Course
  • 2019, Budapest, Semmelweis University, graduated as periodontist
  • 2019, Budapest, Straumann Group Academy, Immediate loading, BLX course

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