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A unique dental clinic in the heart of Budapest

A unique dental clinic in Europe

Hungary’s #1 Dental Clinic

Since 2014, Rated by GCR- Global Clinic Ratings

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Save up to 60% at Helvetic Clinics Budapest in Hungary

Helvetic Clinics has been ranked by Global Clinic Rating as the best dental clinic in Budapest, and among the best clinics in the world out of more than 130,000 listed. Dentist expertise, equipment, choice of materials, in-house laboratory, nothing has been left to chance so we can offer you the best guarantees for your dental treatments.

A unique experience in Budapest

Helvetic Clinics Budapest is located 100 meters from the Opera house and shares its facility with the 12 Revay Hotel. To fully enjoy Budapest, there is no better way to discover the city than by walking: if you wish to explore the city and take a stroll, or sit on the terrace of a cafe or restaurant, you will have endless possibilities. The underground, taxis, bus and tram stations are only a few steps away from the dental clinic / hotel.

A unique confort for your dental trip to Hungary

If you choose to stay in 12 Revay Hotel, you definitely won’t have any stress to get to your dental appointments on time as you are in the same building ! Should you have a scaling or a Teeth whitening at 8:30 am, simply leave your room a few minutes early. Should you need to rest after a dental surgery, just take the elevator and you can comfortably rest in your room.

The exceptional location in Budapest, the unique concept of “clinic – lab – hotel’, and the uncompromised quality of dental care make Helvetic Clinics the preferred choice of thousands of patients around the world.

Dental Clinic and Hotel

Under One Roof in the heart of Budapest

Dental Treatment in Hungary

7,000 Happy Patients Annually from 32 Different Countries

No agents, no intermediaries, no middle man, you are in the hands of the clinic.

Helvetic Clinics do not have agents or intermediaries. When you speak to a representative by phone or email, or even when you contact your dentist, you speak directly with an employee of the clinic. In case a problem occurs, it is also the clinic that will solve it, not an appointed agent working for one or several dental clinics in Budapest.

What makes Helvetic Clinics stand out among other dental clinics in Budapest?

Helvetic Clinics is renowned as a top dental clinic in Budapest due to its commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient-centered care. Our clinic features state-of-the-art dental equipment and a team of best dentists who specialize in a range of services, from cosmetic dentistry to complex dental implant restoration surgeries, ensuring top-tier treatment for every patient.

Why should international patients choose Helvetic Clinics when looking for a dental clinic in Hungary?

International patients prefer Helvetic Clinics Budapest because of our comprehensive service package that includes detailed free dental consultations, advanced treatment options, and personalized care plans. Our status as a leading dental clinic in Hungary is reinforced by our multilingual staff, ensuring that all patients feel comfortable and fully informed throughout their treatment.

How do Helvetic Clinics maintain the highest standards of dental care?

At Helvetic Clinics, maintaining the highest standards of dental care is achieved through continuous professional development and the integration of the latest dental technologies. Our best dentists are experts in their fields, participating in international training and symposia to stay updated on global dental advancements, which translates into superior care for our patients.

What innovative practices at Helvetic Clinics contribute to its reputation as the best dental clinic in Budapest?

Innovation at Helvetic Clinics includes the utilization of digital dentistry tools like 3D imaging and computer-guided surgery, which enhance precision and reduce recovery times. These advanced practices help cement our reputation as the best dental clinic in Budapest, offering patients safer, faster, and more effective treatment options.

How is Helvetic Clinics different from other dental clinics in Hungary?

We go far beyond standard treatment. Our in-house dental lab means faster turnaround times and quality control at every step. Our integrated hotel makes your dental travel to Budapest worry-free. Most importantly, we work directly with you – no agents or middlemen – guaranteeing transparency and personalized care.

What makes Helvetic Clinics’ on-site dental lab so special?

Our in-house dental lab in Budapest, saves you time, and allows our dentists to directly oversee every step of the fabrication process. This ensures top-quality results, faster prosthesis creation, and immediate adjustments if needed – something most other clinics can’t offer.

Can you describe the patient experience at Helvetic Clinics? 

The patient experience at Helvetic Clinics in Hungary is designed to be seamless and stress-free. From the initial consultation through to post-treatment care, patients receive individual attention and tailored treatments. Our clinic’s serene environment, coupled with the expertise of the best dentists in Hungary, ensures a comfortable and positive dental care experience.