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Dr Daria Pokusaeva graduated from Semmelweis University of Budapest in 2021. She is keen on aesthetic and adhesive dentistry. She speaks English, German, French and Russian.

About myself

I always had a passion for dentistry. This love was developed through multiple successful experiences of mine as a patient, hence I think it is very important to treat patients with respect and consideration of sensitivities. My hobby is learning new languages which helps me in my professional life to gain knowledge and up-to-date theoretical background that I can imply in my everyday practice.

My thesis,” The Effects of Endodontic Irrigants on Dentin” was evaluated with an excellent mark at the Department of Conservative Dentistry.

  • Esthetic fillings, inlays, veneers
  • Endodontic treatments
  • Fixed and removable prosthetics, full mouth rehabilitation
  • Professional cleaning

Semmelweis University, Department of Periodontology:

  • Cause related periodontal therapy
  • Splinting
  • Fillings

Semmelweis University, Department of Community dentistry, Emergency service

  • Examination, diagnosis, radiologic evaluation of emergency patients,
  • Emergency endo-therapy
  • Conservative restorations

Course and Congress Participations

  • Aesthetic restoration techniques ( Dr. Döbrentey, Semmelweis University, 2019)
  • Digital orthodontics (Dr. Simon Istvan, Semmelweis University, 2020)

Previous Experience

  • 2021 Dental Degree in Budapest Semmelweis University
  • Joined Helvetic Clinics in 2021

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