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The Best Dental Technicians in Budapest

Externalized Laboratory in the same building than the clinic

The quality of your crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers and dentures depends upon the laboratory work. At Helvetic Clinics, the best technicians one can find in Budapest make our restorations. But should the laboratory be in-house or should the work be externalised?

Whether in Paris, New York, Geneva, London or Budapest, the best dentists always choose the best possible laboratory technicians to make their restorations. The top dental technicians do not work in dental clinics, but rather in entities that are financially and legally independent, equipped with the latest advanced technology, and that are fully dedicated to manufacturing and enhancing the quality of their restorations. It is impossible for a dental clinic internal lab to compete with Artifex’s work. For example, Artifex is the only dental laboratory in Hungary that is equipped with State-of-the-Art ceramill Sintron technology from Armann Girrbach.

Our laboratory technicians: Experts

Dental Clinic Helvetic Clinics

At Helvetic Clinics Budapest, we make no exception to that rule: we have chosen the best laboratory in Hungary, and probably in Europe to make our restorations (unfortunately also the most expensive one). Artifex located in … the same building than Helvetic Clinics – makes your dentures, crowns, veneers, bridges and inlays!

ceramill sintron

Actually, when we designed our clinic in Budapest, our architects worked closely with Artifex’s architects allowing them to conceive a building that focuses on the operational needs for both entities. Here are a few examples:

  • The lab is one floor above the clinic
  • An internal staircase and private elevator between the clinic and the lab, only accessible to the staff
  • A secured computerized communication system between the clinic and the lab
  • An intercom to ensure fast and comprehensive communication

Thus, we have optimised the communications between the clinic and the lab to such an extent that the production delays have been considerably reduced and the quality of the work significantly increased.

  • No need for your impressions and restorations to travel by courier back and forth between the lab and the clinic
  • Instant communication between your dentist and your lab technician
  • Immediate possibility to meet in order to find the best solution for your care
  • Easier and quicker way to test the restorations in your mouth before completion
  • Last minute possible restoration corrections for your comfort

Artifex articulationModel fabrication Artifexartifex scan Artifex design cadProduction CAM Artifex Cad cam material artifex

New porcelain, E-Max, zirconia, 3D printers, laser, and all the latest technologies require permanent and heavy investments on behalf of the laboratory. The laboratory staff consists of the following professionals under the responsibility of Roland Tomasovszki, Master ceramist and a DTG master member:

– 5 ceramists
– 3 metal frame specialists
– 1 dental technician
– 1 model making specialist
– 2 prosthetics
– 3 full time trainees

In Budapest our dental lab is GC certified and participates systematically to the trainings GC EUROPE provides overtime a new product is released. For your aesthetic dental treatments : Helvetic Clinics Hungary.

You Deserve the Best! Located one floor above our clinic, this unique laboratory is equipped with all the newest and finest dental solutions not just in Budapest but also worldwide, at your service!