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Your dental treatment in Porto: Step 1

Request a treatment plan

If you wish to organize dental treatment in Portugal with us, please complete a quote request, so one of the local representatives of Helvetic Clinics can contact you with all the necessary information. They will also be able to answer the questions you might have.

Do you already have an existing quotation for your dental care or an X-ray?

If so, then please forward us the following information:

  • An X-ray;
  • Photos of your teeth;
  • Details about the dental treatment you would like to receive

You can click here to request a quote and send the files

An OPG X-Ray is a complete X-Ray of your teeth, jaws (upper and lower) and the sinuses. It is a good way to identify what kind of dental treatment you may need, but it is not sufficient to establish a precise treatment plan. If you need bone augmentation, most probably you will need to provide us a 3D CT-Scan.

These requirements are essential but they cannot replace a consultation at the clinic. One of our dental specialists will take charge of your dental care during your stay.






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