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Dental treatment Abroad – Quality care at an affordable price at Helvetic Clinics in Hungary

Our dental clinic in Hungary is located in Budapest. Looking for professional and high quality dental treatments at affordable prices, avoiding long waiting lists ? Helvetic Clinics Budapest has been rated the best dental clinic in Hungary by GCR since 2014.

Best dental clinic in Hungary

Ranked the best dental clinic in Hungary since 2014 by GCR *

Dental treatment at fair prices

Save up to 60% in Hungary with Helvetic Clinics Budapest

Helvetic Clinics guarantee the highest quality dental care while saving 50 to 70% on your bill compared to local dentists in the UK.

At Helvetic Clinics we believe high quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. This is why our dentists in Hungary have established rigorous specifications and guidelines, standardized at all our clinics around the world. No matter which Helvetic Clinics dental clinic you choose, we ensure you will receive the most competent care in one of the very best dental clinics in Hungary and abroad.

Choosing Helvetic Clinics for overseas dental care brings you the following benefits:

  • 50-70% cheaper compared to local prices
  • The longest and most serious guarantees one can find
  • A set of strict rules of conduct according to Swiss standards, developed in close collaboration with our dentists, which are scrupulously adhered to in all of our clinics
  • Modern clinics equipped with the latest technology, too expensive for most clinics in the UK
  • Impeccable quality dental care
  • A personalized and welcoming atmosphere in small care units


Our dentists’ expertise

Our professionals offer you expertise in the fields of implantology, periodontology and odontology. In our dental clinics, the best dentists in Hungary are gathered under one roof, each with their own area of specialisation and expertise. Our implantologist will never treat your tooth decay, our odontologist will never insert a dental implant, and our periodontologist will never put a dental crown.

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Although cosmetic dentistry is not yet officially recognized as a formal specialty area of dentistry, our certified dentists, both in Hungary and in Europe, are specialized, skilled and highly qualified in their respective domains of expertise within the field of modern dentistry, including:


Dental clinic and hotel in the same building in Budapest

Free consultation package

Treatment plan, panoramic X-ray, airport transfer and night at hotel

Helvetic Clinics Hungary, a dental clinic off the beaten track

Helvetic Clinics Quality

Whatever Helvetic Dental Clinic you choose, we assure you the highest quality of dental care, unlike impersonal “factory dentistry” dental tourism practices seen elsewhere.

We guarantee that you will be treated by the best dental experts in Hungary, using the latest technology and adhering to the strictest rules and dental procedures, far beyond those established in Switzerland.

We are also highly conscious of the fact that undergoing a dental treatment abroad can be a stressful experience. This is why we ensure you receive a warm welcome at our clinics, regardless of whether you come for a simple procedure such as hygienic treatment or teeth whitening, or a more complex treatment such as dental implant surgery.

Our dentists always remain attentive to your particular needs, whatever your concern may be.
Our team is available and ready to meet all of your requirements throughout your stay.

Phone_number_Helvetic_ClinicsWe are available at all times for any questions or information you may require. So please, do not hesitate to contact us via our website for questions or a quote. We will be more than happy to call you back to answer all your questions.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our patients soon!

Our warmest regards,

Dental treatment abroad

7,000 satisfied patients / year from 32 countries

International accreditation

ISO 9001 – Treatment Abroad – Global Clinic Rating (GCR)

The Helvetic Clinics Dental Team

You are unique, you deserve the best! Helvetic clinics, rated best dental clinic in Hungary since 2014 ! watch Global Clinic Rating’s inspection.

Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest is compliant with the Code Of Practice for medical tourism, certified ISO 9001, and accredited By Global Clinic Rating (GCR).

What is the quality of dental care in Hungary?

Hungary is known for offering high quality dental care at competitive prices, making it a popular destination for dental patients from abroad. Hungarian dentists must undergo rigorous training and our dental clinic in Hungary Helvetic Clinics is regularly inspected to ensure quality of care. Additionally, many Hungarian dentists are internationally trained and use modern dental equipment to provide cutting-edge care. Hungarian dental clinics are also known for offering a wide range of services, from routine care such as dental cleanings and fillings, to more complex treatments such as dental implants and oral surgery.

How to check the reputation of a dental clinic in Hungary?

To check the reputation of the Helvetic Clinics dental clinic in Hungary, it is recommended to search for online reviews and testimonials from previous patients. Websites such as Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook are useful sources for this. Otherwise you will find dozens of filmed testimonials from satisfied patients on our site or our YouTube channel. In summary, before choosing a dental clinic, especially abroad, check its reputation. To ensure you receive quality care, you can trust Helvetic Clinics in Hungary. Check patient ratings and reviews of dental clinics in Hungary to get an idea of the quality of dental care offered by Helvetic clinics, dental clinics in Hungary.

How can I ensure that dentists in Hungary are qualified and experienced?

To ensure that Helvetic Clinics dentists in Hungary are qualified and experienced, it is easy to search for their education, work experience and certifications on the clinic’s website or other professional sites such as LinkedIn. All our Hungarian dentists hold a dental degree and are registered with the Hungarian Dental Council. You can also check online reviews from previous patients to get testimonials about patient experience with the dentists at our dental clinic in Hungary. Check the qualifications and certifications of our dentists in Hungary, as well as their experience.

What are the dental technologies and equipment used by the dental clinic in Hungary?

Helvetic Clinics dental clinic in Hungary uses cutting-edge dental technologies and equipment to provide quality care to its patients. The clinic has a 3D scanner and digital x-ray system for increased precision when planning and carrying out dental treatments such as dental implants. We also use dental lasers for oral surgery and periodontal therapy procedures, as well as intraoral cameras for precise visualization of the oral cavity. Furthermore, the dental clinic in Budapest Helvetic Clinics uses high-quality dental materials to ensure long-lasting and aesthetic results for procedures such as dental crowns and veneers in Hungary. Make sure the dental clinic uses modern and quality dental technologies.

How much does dental care cost in Hungary?

The cost of dental care in Hungary is generally lower than in Western Europe, with savings of up to 50-70% compared to prices in these countries. Here are some examples of costs of routine dental care provided by helvetic clinics in Hungary.

How can I travel to Hungary for my dental treatment?

Traveling to Hungary for dental treatment is generally simple and affordable. Here are some steps to planning your dental trip to Hungary:

Clinic research and selection: Start by researching and comparing different dental clinics in Hungary. Consider patient reviews, dentists’ qualifications and experience, and the services and prices offered. Helvetic Clinics, ranked the best dental clinic in Hungary since 2014, will certainly be part of your final choice.

Contact the clinic: Contact our team in Budapest in your language to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote for your treatment.

Organize your trip: Book your plane tickets to go to Hungary. Budapest International Airport is the main entry point for international flights and offers connections to many European and international destinations. You can find direct or stopover flights from most major cities.

Plan your accommodation: Book a hotel or apartment near the dental clinic. If you go through Helvetic Clinics in Hungary, you can stay directly in the same building as the clinic, at 12 Revay Hotel, or in a partner hotel. In addition to advantageous rates, your first night will be free!

By carefully planning your dental trip to Hungary, you can enjoy quality treatment at an affordable cost while discovering this beautiful country.

What languages are spoken by dentists and clinic staff in Hungary?

At Helvetic Clinics dental clinic in Hungary, the dentists and staff are multilingual and can communicate with international patients in several languages. Most dentists and staff speak English fluently, making it easy to communicate with patients from different countries.
If you have any special communication preferences or needs, please let the patient coordination team know when planning your dental care at Helvetic clinics. They will do their best to accommodate your needs. and ensure smooth communication throughout your stay.

Why choose a dental clinic in Hungary rather than Türkiye?

There are several reasons why some people choose a dental clinic in Hungary such as Helvetic Clinics over Turkey, although it is important to note that individual choices depend on each person’s specific needs, preferences and circumstances. Here are some factors that may influence this decision:

Geographic proximity: For patients coming from European countries, Hungary is often closer geographically than Turkey. This can reduce transport costs, facilitate follow-up visits and minimize travel-related problems.

Tradition and expertise: Hungary is known for its long tradition of quality dental care and has an excellent international reputation. Helvetic clinics, like many Hungarian dental clinics, have highly qualified and experienced dentists, as well as modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies.

EU Standards: As Hungary is a member of the European Union, dental clinics in Hungary and Helvetic Clinics in particular are subject to the same strict standards for quality, safety and hygiene as clinics in other countries in the EU.

Languages spoken: Dentists in Hungary and staff at Hungarian dental clinics often speak multiple languages, including English, German and French, which can make communication easier for international patients.

Tourism: Hungary, particularly Budapest, is a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of cultural, historical and leisure attractions. Patients can choose to combine their dental treatments with vacations or sightseeing in between your dental treatments at Helvetic Clinics.

Why go to Hungary to Helvetic Dental Clinics for dental implants?

There are several reasons why Helvetic Clinics in Hungary is a great option for your dental implants:

Quality of care: The dentists in Hungary at Helvetic Clinics are highly qualified, experienced and continue to train to stay up to date on the latest techniques and technologies regarding dental implantation. The clinic also uses state-of-the-art dental equipment to provide superior care.

Affordable cost: Dental implants in Hungary at Helvetic Clinics can be up to 50-70% cheaper in Hungary than in Western countries such as Switzerland, France or the United States. This allows patients to benefit from superior dental treatment at a more affordable cost.

Exceptional Customer Experience: Helvetic Clinics is renowned for providing its patients with an exceptional experience. The clinic offers additional services such as translation services, hotel reservations, as well as transportation service to facilitate patients’ stay in Budapest.

Personalized treatment: The dentists at our dental clinic in Hungary take the time to listen to your concerns and wishes to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Convenient location: Budapest is easily accessible from most European cities and offers a wide variety of tourist and cultural attractions, making it a great destination for combining dental care with a vacation.

Ultimately, Helvetic Clinics offers a great option for dental implants in Hungary due to the quality of care, affordable costs, exceptional customer experience, personalized treatment and its location in Hungary.

What is a dental trip?

A dental trip is a trip abroad to receive dental care at a lower cost than in your home country. Hungary specializes in dental travel and Helvetic Clinics is considered the best dental clinic in Hungary.

Where can I find information about dental clinics or abroad?

You can find information about dental clinics abroad by searching online, looking at directories of dental clinics in Hungary, reading patient reviews of dental clinics in Hungary. Based in Hungary, Helvetic Clinics Budapest specializes in organizing dental trips to Hungary.

What types of dental care can I have during a dental trip to Hungary?

You can have a full range of dental care during a dental trip to Hungary, ranging from general dental care to more complex treatments such as dental implants, crowns and bridges. Helvetic Clinics, ranked the best clinic in Hungary, practices all types of dental care.

How can I plan my dental care abroad?

You can plan your dental trip to Hungary by searching for dental clinics on your own, booking flights, accommodation, transfers, etc. Or use the services of Helvetic Clinics Hungary who will be happy to assist you in this process.

How long does it take to recover after dental treatment in Hungary?

The recovery time depends on the type of dental care you received. General dental care generally requires little recovery time, while more complex treatments (sinus lift, bone mass augmentation, etc.) may require several days of recovery. The advantage of choosing Helvetic Clinics in Budapest is to benefit from accommodation at the 12 revay Hotel, located in Budapest in the same building as the dental clinic.

How can I ensure that the dental clinic in Hungary is reliable?

You can ensure that the dental clinic abroad is reliable and quality by doing thorough research, reading patient reviews, checking the qualifications and experience of the dentists, visiting the clinic before receiving dental treatment. Just check the reviews and testimonials left by the thousands of satisfied patients visiting Helvetic clinics in Budapest, Hungary.

How can I pay for my dental care in Hungary?

You can pay for your dental treatment abroad using payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, and cash. Our dental clinic Helvetic Clinics Hungary all credit cards, but you can also make a bank transfer or pay in cash if you wish.




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